Greetings from Helpmate Ministries and Welcome to our Website!

We are women seeking virtue. You could be one of us and we could be you. We share the same or similar situations on this journey: pain and sickness, heartaches and disappointments, joy and gladness. In all things, we call upon the Lord for He is able to sustain us. We trust Jesus with our whole heart and acknowledge him in all our ways. We lean not to our own understanding and He directs our paths. Jesus leads us safely through it all. We are more than conquerors, a royal priesthood, victorious in every endeavor.

When we seek peace, we find it in Jesus. When we seek comfort, we find it in Jesus. When we seek strength, we find it in Jesus. He is the cornerstone on which we build our foundations and the rock on which we stand. We lift Him high for it is He who has made us wives, mothers, sisters and daughters.

We encourage you to become a virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies! Welcome to Helpmate Ministries

Brenda M. Brantley